Kaitron is showcasing its integration of smart office and smart home applications under the concept of "AIoT Smart Environment" at the 2024 Smart City Expo. Exhibiting a variety of cross-domain intelligent solutions such as AI facial recognition check-in, IoT access control management systems, and interactive screen smart motion technology, the company aims to demonstrate its excellent capabilities in system integration. This initiative seeks to create a new paradigm of smarter, safer, and more convenient living, promising a more immediate and intelligent lifestyle for both businesses and individuals.

開創結合智能辦公室及智慧居家應用,以「AIoT智慧場域」為概念參展本次 2024 Smart City 智慧城市展,為業者與民眾帶來AI人臉辨識打卡、IoT門禁管理系統及互動螢幕智動科技等多種跨場域智慧解決方案作為示範,展現系統整合領域的優異能力,打造更即時、更智能、更安全、更便捷的全新智慧生活樣貌。


開創Kaitron為中小企業解決辦公室痛點,以全新智慧辦公室思維應用,迎接 Smart Office 新時代。

▲ 開創Kaitron為中小企業解決辦公室痛點,以全新智慧辦公室思維應用,迎接 Smart Office 新時代。


▲ (左) 台北市市長 蔣萬安蒞臨智慧城市展現場,以智慧化創新服務打造智慧城市。 /
(右) 2024 Smart City 智慧城市展聚集全球46個國家、600間廠商,及14.8萬海內外訪客到訪。


▲  搭配MOTTI「Cotti兒童升降桌」智動家居生活無遠弗屆!



"ChowLIFT 8 Interactive Large Screen Mobile Solution" Garner Positive Attention!

「 ChowLIFT 8 互動螢幕智動科技解決方案」首發好評


The debut of ChowLIFT 8 Rolling TV Carts, part of the "ChowLIFT 8 Interactive Large Screen Mobile Solution," has received rave reviews! With its intelligent control and flexible lifting capabilities, it has attracted numerous inquiries from both businesses and the public. The ChowLIFT 8 Rolling TV Carts supports screens ranging from 65 to 86 inches, with a maximum weight capacity of 136kg. With a travel range of 45-110cm and secure stability, it effortlessly transitions between spaces, addressing the pain points of moving large screens and providing a flexible and liberating lifestyle experience in smart environments.

首次亮相的 ChowLIFT 8 智動螢幕升降架「互動螢幕智動科技解決方案」廣受好評!在以智能化控制與靈活升降的姿態,吸引大批業者與民眾駐足諮詢。ChowLIFT 8 智動螢幕升降架支援65~86吋大螢幕、最大可承重136kg,兼具 45-110cm 自由升降行程及安全穩固的優勢,在場域間轉換毫不費力,解決大螢幕移動困難的痛點,享受智慧場域彈性自由的生活體驗。


開創 Kaitron ChowLIFT 8 智動螢幕升降架「互動螢幕智動科技解決方案」首發亮相。
▲  開創 Kaitron ChowLIFT 8 智動螢幕升降架「互動螢幕智動科技解決方案」首發亮相。


AI facial recognition access control management: precise, efficient, and impactful!

AI人臉辨識門禁控管精準控管 效率有感


Combining CyberLink's patented facial recognition technology, we've developed the revolutionary ChowFACE facial recognition access control and attendance system, replacing traditional card swiping with AI facial recognition to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of attendance records.

With IoT (Internet of Things) as the core technology, we can extend its applications further. By integrating ChowBOX smart door controllers for lightweight security and the Chow!APP, we enable real-time notification of visitor movements at the door via AI recognition and instant image transmission to the mobile app. Moreover, storing AI-recognized images as files in the cloud eliminates the hassle of repeatedly searching surveillance monitor timelines, thus efficiently managing access control systems.

Our innovative "buyout with no annual contract and one-year warranty for the main unit" service has sparked widespread interest and prompted numerous pre-orders. This service offers both businesses and individuals a safer and more accessible access control management solution, realizing the operational concept of a brand-new smart lifestyle.

開創結合「訊連科技CyberLink」專利人臉辨識技術,開發出革命性的ChowFACE 人臉辨識門禁考勤系統,用AI人臉辨識取代傳統刷卡,確保考勤紀錄的真實性和準確性。





▲ ChowFACE人臉辨識門禁考勤系統,精準控管效率有感!


The application of technology is derived from human nature. The trend towards greater convenience and smarter applications is an undeniable force. Kaitron Innovations offers a series of integrated smart environment solutions, adding momentum to digital transformation and partnering with you to create a smarter new era!

科技的運用來自於人性,更便捷、智慧應用浪潮已經是不可忽視的趨勢,開創 Kaitron 提供一系列整合性的智慧場域解決方案,增加數位轉型驅動力,與您一同打造智慧新世代!


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