With the changing times and the growth of digital technology driving the wave of transformation, the post-pandemic era has accelerated the rise of contactless demands, propelled by the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) and the rapid changes in technology trends. This has led to the widespread application of facial recognition technology across various industries. How to apply precise identity verification in the workplace has become a recent focus for business owners.



In response to the operational pain points faced by business owners in personnel management, Kaitrono Inc. has collaborated with 'CyberLink Corporation' to develop the revolutionary device, ChowFACE facial recognition access control system, incorporating patented facial recognition technology. This system disrupts traditional access control management processes by replacing traditional card swiping with AI facial recognition. It effectively avoids the possibility of proxy attendance, ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of attendance records. By streamlining personnel management processes with intelligence, it helps strengthen corporate competitiveness.





▲(圖) ChowFACE人臉辨識門禁管理系統,一機雙鏡滿足企業需求


▲(圖) ChowFACE經過即打卡! 確保考勤紀錄的真實性和準確性


ChowFACE facial recognition access control management system features dual lenses and supports dual screens simultaneously. It utilizes CyberLink's FaceMe® patented facial recognition technology, with recognition speed of less than 0.2 seconds and an accuracy rate of up to 99.7%. This system transforms the office into an intelligent space where check-in happens as you pass by, even with masks on and amidst multiple people walking.


It efficiently saves the labor cost of repetitive reception tasks. With support for access management of up to 10,000 individuals, no additional software installation is required. The system offers comprehensive backend management, supports batch importing of large amounts of personnel data, and is compatible with various commercially available access control systems. It is suitable for enterprises of different scales and types, including personal studios, small offices, and SMEs. Easily and seamlessly transitioning to ChowFACE enhances workplace security, mitigates potential corporate risks, and provides business owners with a precise attendance management and access control solution.

ChowFACE人臉辨識門禁管理系統,一機雙鏡頭並同時支援雙螢幕,採用訊連科技CyberLink FaceMe®專利人臉辨識技術,辨識速度<0.2秒,準確率高達99.7%,讓辦公室成為「經過即打卡」的智慧場域,戴著口罩、多人行進間也可同時辨識,高效節省櫃台繁複接待的工作成本。支援最高10,000人的門禁管理,不需額外安裝軟體,完善的後台管理、支援批次匯入大量人員資料,並相容於多種市售門禁系統,適用各種不同規模和類型的企業:個人工作室、小型辦公室、中小企業等均可輕鬆無痛轉移使用ChowFACE,提升辦公場所的安全性並防範潛在企業風險,為時下企業主提供精準考勤管理與門禁安全兼具的解決方案。

Powertech Automation Inc. boasts over 25 years of experience in the research, development, and sales of smart door openers. With deep roots in Taiwan and a global marketing presence, the company has redefined the user experience of "smart motion" through innovative thinking. Establishing its own brand, Kaitron Inc., in Taiwan, it integrates AI intelligence to provide services such as facial recognition, app integration control, real-time alerts, and remote monitoring. These offerings will bring business owners a more efficient, convenient, and secure office environment, accelerating Taiwan's industries towards the era of Smart Offices.

「泓冠智能股份有限公司」擁有超過25年智動開門器之研發及銷售經驗,深根台灣、行銷全球,以創新思維重新定義「智能傳動」的使用體驗,在台創立自有品牌「開創Kaitron」,結合AI智能整合,從人臉辨識、APP整合控制、即時提醒、遠端監控等服務,將為企業主帶來更高效、便捷和安全的辦公環境,加速推動台灣產業邁向智能辦公室(Smart Office)時代的發展。


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